Current Events #16


  1. The topic of my article is success with cancer treatments.

2.  The title of my article is “Scientists claim ‘extraordinary’ success with treatment using  immune cells to target cancer.”

3.  I got this article from Fox News.

4. Early trials of a potential cancer treatment in which white blood cells are modified to target certain types of the disease have been an “extraordinary” success, scientists said Monday. The treatment involves removing the T-cells from patients, tagging them with “receptor” molecules that target cancer, and putting them back into the body in an infusion.Once attached to the T-cells, they reduce the ability of the cancer to shield itself from the body’s natural immune system.

5a. My position on this article is that we may be getting even closer to finding cures for cancer.

5b. I feel as though one day, we will eventually discover a cure for cancer.

5c. This event effects me because even just in the small area I live many people are affected by cancer. Although I have never watched a family member go through it, I have seen other families worry everyday about their loved ones with cancer. A cure would be able to change horrible situations for affected people. Instead of feeling helpless as you watch a family member or friend suffer, those with cancer could begin to progress to get better. At some point maybe someone can finally find the cure and help save thousands of lives.

6. This event impacts the world because cancer is a well known disease that affects families everywhere. Having a cure to fix that would mean no more worry or stress or fear for those you love with cancer. A discovery would take off a lot of stress that families face due to worry for their family member’s survival. No one would want to see anyone go through this terrible disease which is what makes it so tough to watch people who do have to put up with it. Therefore, a cure for cancer is one step closer and maybe eventually it will be fully in our grasp.

Current Events #15


1. The topic of my article is the freezing weather throughout the northeast on Valentine’s Day weekend.

2. The title of my article is “Northeast braces for possible ‘life-threatening’ cold weather.”

3. I got this article from Fox News.

4. The National Weather Service said Friday the coldest air mass of the winter may hit the Northeast this weekend and New Yorkers are being urged to take notice. With the actual temperatures falling as low as 4 degrees below, the weather service said the city could see wind chills of 18 degrees below to 24 degrees below. Wind gusts could reach up to 45 mph.

5a. My position on this article is that the cities affected by the cold are being taken care of well by their mayors and have planned any issues out carefully.

5b. I feel as though the cities in the northeast should take the precautions they were instructed and stay safe.

5c. This event affects me because we don’t have much cold weather where I live and so weather that cold is hard to imagine. This year it seems like we didn’t even have a winter because the temperatures never got below the thirties. As much as we love snow since it is so rare here, we aren’t counting on getting any because plants are already blooming and it is getting warm out. I hope that everyone stayed safe over Valentine’s Day weekend. Although power may have gone out and cars broke down, surely everyone was prepared.

6. This event impacts the world because winter brings harsh winds and freezing weather to many cities across the globe. Some people who live in poverty don’t have a way to keep warm when winter encounters the town. Therefore, it was nice of towns in the northeast to open up hospitals and shelters so those who are poor could avoid the cold. The temperatures up north were expected to get so cold that they could be deadly and without a place to stay, those living on the streets could have died. However, not every country can afford to house people during winter and it is sad to think of all the people who don’t survive due to harsh weather conditions.

Current Events #14


  1. The topic of my article is a chances of cures for the Zika virus.
  1. The title of my article is “Zika vaccine trials at least 18 months away, WHO says.”
  1. I got this article from Fox News.
  1. The World Health Organization says possible Zika vaccines are at least 18 months away from large-scale trials. Although some vaccines may lead to differences in timing on development, developers “are all starting at a very basic level for the time being.” Determining whether there is a firm link isn’t expected for “weeks to a few months,” but that would be an improved timetable from earlier WHO predictions for at least six months.

5a. My position on this article is that the world is getting closer to being able to treat Zika.

5b. I feel as though researchers should be doing all they can to find a cure because Summer is coming up and the virus will spread more rapidly.

5c. This event affects me because the Zika Virus is constantly in the news and this is the first I have seen about possible cures. It also affects me because if not treated, Zika could become a serious problem throughout the world, if a cure was never found it would be up to my generation to discover one. However, I still believe a cure would come before then because articles like this make people aware that although it may be a few months, there is progress in finding a solution. Another reason this article affects me is because it is amazing how fast researchers and doctors can get this far in such a short amount of time. It gives a person hope that eventually they can find more complicated cures like for cancer.

  1. This event impacts the world because the Zika Virus has become more and more famous which means many families are suffering from it. This article means that hopefully by next year or sooner those families can be helped. Although a year seems like to long a wait there is always the chance of a major discovery that helps speed up the process. The virus hasn’t spread all over the world but that doesn’t mean it can’t. Hopefully we can find away to stop this virus and keep it from spreading around the globe.

Current Events #13


1. The topic of my article is the 50th Super Bowl.

2. The title of my article is “Super Bowl 50: Ten Ways To Think Like (And Live) Like A Champion Athlete.”

3. I got this article from Fox News.

4. This Sunday evening the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos of the NFL will play for the 50th Super Bowl championship in Santa Clara, California. Millions will be watching as fans are enthusiastically rooting for their favorite team. Some young athletes will be watching and dreaming of someday playing in such a game. But for many other non-athletes watching there is much that can be learned from these players, coaches, and general managers that can apply to their own professional careers.

5a. My position on this article is that although few people in this world can say they are professional athletes, athletic careers can teach regular citizens at thing or two about their jobs.

5b. I feel as though the author of this article made a good connection between professional athletes and average people.

5c. This article impacts me because the fourth reason about continuing to aim high even as fear and doubt overwhelms you can so easily relate to my life. For example, my goal for choice of college is pretty high and through the course of high school I may feel overwhelmed with work or grades but I should never doubt my ability to accomplish what I want to. Another example is the eighth reason about players playing tight, afraid, and concerned about messing up. Winners should play loose, free, and focused. Too often I let nervousness take over causing me to mess up on certain events. Although it is good to let in a little fear, too much fear is unhealthy. Do events loose, free, and focused.

6. These ideas can impact the world because the sixth example displays that people often give little effort until the big day. For example, athletes tend to not try hard in practice and only give effort in games, therefore those kinds of teams usually don’t win. The article suggests to treat every game like the Super Bowl which can be applied to pretty much any situation. Another example is the fifth reason about having a game plan to achieve what you want to achieve. Planning what you are going to do gives you better chances of succeeding than just winging it.

Current Events #12

1. The topic of my article is the Zika virus.

2. The title of my article is “How to cut off the spread of a Zika virus.”

3. I got this article from CNN.

4. The primary mosquito species now transmitting Zika virus throughout numerous countries in the Americas, Aedes aegypti, actually evolved alongside humans to target us specifically, versus other animals. It’s an ecosystem that’s changing with us. Beating back Zika will require openness to innovation in both technology and policy.

5a. My position on this article is that this rapid spreading disease is a serious problem and needs to be studied to find out as much information as possible.

5b. I feel as though this virus issue can be cured as long as research is good and quick and a cure is discovered before it begins to get hot.

5c. This event affects me because I am sure that the families who have babies who have birth defects because of this virus are heart broken. Also, not every family has the money to help their children who have been affected. This event makes me worried for the areas greatly affected because summer isn’t too far away and it will be hot and time for mosquitos. The news also affects me because there are many questions that aren’t yet answered about this virus. For example, what areas are predicted to be affected? Would having this virus affect just a woman who was about to have children or does it affect kids she might have years later?

6. This event impacts the world because this virus is spreading over many areas across the globe. The disease is affecting many families and children. Also, many areas are in danger of being affected and can’t do anything about it. This threat is a new problem for scientists to research and find a cure for. Therefore, the need for a cure adds lots of work to attempt to keep the least amount of people suffering as possible.

Current Events #11


  1. The topic of my article is high schools in Wisconsin not being allowed to chant anything that is deemed “unsportsmanlike” at athletic events.
  1. The title of my article is “Students advised to stop chanting ‘U-S-A, U-S-A’ and ‘air ball.”
  1. I got this article from Fox News.
  1. Last month the state’s governing body for high school athletics declared that chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A,” is unsportsmanlike behavior. The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association also directed schools to stop fans from booing, or chanting “Air Ball,” “Season’s Over,” “Fundamentals,” “Scoreboard,” and “Over-Rated.” Wisconsin’s football stadiums, basketball arenas and wrestling mats have become safe spaces for the perpetually-offended generation.

5a. My position on this article is that the author is correct in saying that it is ridiculous that students can no longer be allowed to say anything that provokes the other team in Wisconsin.

5b. I feel as though the the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association or WIAA is sort of ruining a fun part of sports.

5c. This event affects me because I enjoy watching sports. Cheering for your favorite team and against the other team is just part of the fun. It isn’t ruining anyone’s life by having another team cheer against you, in fact, that’s what makes it more intense. WIAA is trying to make watching sports this proper event where everyone is happy. Well, for their information, there is nothing proper about it. Someone has to lose and someone has to win, not everyone can be happy.

6. This event impacts the world because several places around the world aren’t allowed to chant, they just sit there politely and applaud. American sports should never have to come to that. Although, in college football, the players can hardly get excited without getting a penalty for over excessive celebration. There are times when people go too far and actually get too wild. However, simply booing is no crime in sports.

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